Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. Our Monitoring Center is listed with Underwriters Laboratories, the leader in certifying monitoring centers. We must meet demanding requirements including architectural, physical security, emergency power, computer hardware and software, and operator training to maintain our UL Listing.

The ACCESS TM toothbrush is recommended for brushing and cleaning the implants and O-rings. In addition, ultrasonic cleaners are ideal for ensuring that the metal housings are free from food impaction and debris.

Either mouthwash or 50-50 peroxide-water mixes are good solutions for the ultrasonic cleaner. You can also use a Waterpik (R) to rins out the implants and O-rings. Do not use effervescent cleaners, as they might cause the O-rings to deteriorate.

If the dentures do not remain securely in place, contact Dr. Bowen to discuss your problems. Dr. Bowen will perform the appropriate checkup and determine the condition and maintenance of your gums, the implants, and the O-rings.

This means that the alarm system has lost power (electricity). Please check the outlet that the transformer is plugged into to see if it is operational. (You might just have a circuit breaker that needs to be reset.) If the outlet is working properly a service call is needed.

Dr. Bowen may choose to place another MDI in another site.

Always remember that the implants and the dentures must be absolutely clean. You might need to use a lighter touch to rest each implant over its corresponding socket. When you push down on both sides of the denture, make sure you do so equally. If you still have difficulty, you may need another person, like a spouse or family member, to help you get the feel for placing the denture.

One of our trained customer service representatives might be able to solve your problem right over the phone. Please call customer service for assistance.
San Antonio Mini Dental Implant costs can vary. The average cost with Dr. Bowen will range from $2,800 to $5,000. By comparison, full-size implants can cost from$12,000 to $30,000, making Mini Dental Implants in San Antonio a cost-effective option to stablize your loose dentures.
Your dentures will feel stable and secure. Though there may be some mild discomfort, you should not experience any excessive bleeding. You may eat when you're hungry, but avoid excessively sticky foods for a period of time recommended by your dentist.
BSG’s 24-Hour Monitoring and Dispatch Center. Our professionally trained operators are always there to promptly respond to all of your alarm conditions.