60 Minute Crowns Veneers & Fillings

Porcelain Crowns in a Single Visit

Same-Day Crowns, Veneers and White Ceramic Fillings

CEREC AC in-house milling system

As your San Antonio dentist, Dr. Gregory Bowen is able to create a quality same day crowns, fillings, or cosmetic laminate veneers in as little as 15 minutes, with placement of your new crown, cap or veneer made the very same day – usually within 2 hours.

  • No messy impression mold
  • No temporary
  • No second appointment

Precision, permanent, same-day ​solutions to your troubling dental problems. Why put up with broken teeth, a smile you avoid, discomfort and even pain. There is no longer reason to delay needed dental care when Dr. Bowen’s San Antonio dental office is equipped with state-of-the-art  CEREC AC technology.

Dr. Bowen explains, “I’ve been using the CEREC 3 system since 2001. This machine is capable of making porcelain crowns, fillings and cosmetic laminate veneers in just one visit. My system has now been upgraded to the CEREC AC, which uses a form of blue laser technology similar to that used in Blue Ray disc players. The result is even more accurate imaging and, therefore, even more accurately fitting dental restorations. New materials have been developed to give a variety of possible solutions depending on my individual patient needs.”

Porcelain Crowns in a Single Visit

Crowns used to take multiple visits and involved messy molds that made patients cerecgag. Temporary crowns were put in place while you waited for your crown to be manufactured and sent back to your dentist. You then needed to return to have the crown fitted and put in place, and, you often needed return visits to fix fitting issues.​

Dr. Gregory R. Bowen is a San Antonio dentist who is a front-runner in the newest dental technologies. While he has been using the CEREC system for over 12 years, he recently upgraded to the most advanced in-house laser technology available. His new CEREC AC has cut the time to measure, mill and finish quality porcelain crowns in as little as 15 minutes right in his own office. These crowns are very long-lasting.

What this means to you is quality crowns in a single visit. And, because your tooth has been precisely measured by computer, the fit is more exact the very first time. More comfort, more convenience, fast results!

Precision Cosmetic Laminate Veneers

Cosmetic veneers were once extremely costly and required multiple visits. Veneers were sometimes too bulky and changed one’s entire smile. ​san antonio veneers

San Antonio dentist Dr. Gregory R. Bowen offers the latest in veneers by utilizing the CEREC AC computerized milling system that allows him to manufacture your veneers in-house while you wait. This revolutionary system allows for precision that was once near-impossible. These thin veneers are bonded to your teeth and are very durable.

With this new technology, cosmetic laminate veneers in San Antonio can now completely reshape your teeth for a beautiful white smile. They’re perfect for:

  • Stained or discolored teeth
  • Chipped teeth or jagged edges
  • Gaps between front teeth
  • Crooked teeth
  • Too big or too small teeth
  • Worn teeth

Replace Your Ugly Metal Fillings with Beautiful White Tooth Colored Fillings

replace metal filingsDr. Bowen is pleased to offer San Antonio’s answer to ugly metal fillings – beautiful tooth-colored fillings that’ll brighten your smile.​ Gone are the days of embarrassing metal fillings that look bad and just don’t hold up over time.

There are many reasons to replace your old metal fillings with newer ceramic fillings. Metal fillings deteriorate over the years, causing tooth pain, weeping, and often produce a foul taste and odor in your mouth. The newest ceramic fillings can be tinted to match your other nearby teeth, giving you a smile that looks natural and blemish free.

With Dr. Bowen’s computerized CEREC AC system, your fillings will fit well and last.

Learn more about CEREC

Watch the episode of Ask Dr. Phil where the revolutionary CEREC system is discussed.

Dr. Gregory R. Bowen was one of the first San Antonio dentist to become certified in using the CEREC system. He has used the system for over a dozen years, updating to the latest technologies as they emerge.

The CEREC system has revolutionized dental offices which have made the investment in this state-of-the-art equipment.

Quite simply, by having this technology available to him, Dr. Bowen is able to provide affordable caps, crowns, dental bonds and fillings with such precision and speed you’ll be amazed. See how it works…