Preventative Dental Care

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San Antonio Preventive and General Dentistry Services

San Antonio Dentist Dr. Gregory R. Bowen Offers Preventive Dental Care Services

Good preventive care is truly the backbone of a great smile. Healthy teeth and gums don’t usually stay that way without care and attention along the way. Even those blessed with strong teeth cannot keep them that way unless they devote some time and effort to preventive care such as a habitual regimine of brushing, flossing and twice-yearly professional cleanings.preventive-dentistry

But sometimes, life gets busy, dental care is forgotten or postponed, and tooth pain finally alerts us to the fact that something needs attention. Or, a problem is spotted during a cleaning or exam. Whatever the reason, we all find ourselves in need of dental care sooner or later. Cavities can crop up quickly, old fillings need replacement, or we develop gum irritation or an infection that requires an unexpected visit.

Dr. Gregory R. Bowen is a San Antonio dentist with over 30 years experience helping families in Texas with preventive dentistry, general dentistry, restorative dentistry and cosmetic dentistry. His friendly, easy-going manner helps his patients feel at ease and comfortable coming in for their dental visits.

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Professional Teeth Cleaning

Cleaning your teeth at home is only part of a successful tooth care teeth cleaningroutine. Professional tooth cleanings should be performed by Dr. Bowen and his experienced dental hygenists twice per year to keep your mouth healthy.

What Dr. Gregory R. Bowen wants to prevent is harmful plaque, calculus, tartar, gingivitus and periodontal disease which can cause problems with your teeth, mouth and gums and lead to potential health risks such as heart disease and diabetes, among other serious illnesses.

A professional tooth cleaning is a combination of scaling, debridement and polishing that will leave your teeth feeling smooth and your smile shiny and white.

Cavity Prevention and Early Intervention

Early intervention is important once cavities are detected. The best way to detect Cavity Preventionearly cavities are by having your twice yearly tooth cleanings at Dr. Gregory R. Bowen’s San Antonio dental office. Yearly care is important for both children and adults.

Cavities don’t happen overnight. A number of factors can lead to the kind of decay which causes the breakdown of what is normally a strong surface. Plaque can build up over time and usually needs professional removal by a dental hygenist.

Skipping regular visits to your dentist usually results in more expensive procedures.

What You Need To Know About Cavities

Once a cavity is detected, it is important for Dr. Gregory R. Bowen to clean out the decay and put in a filling. White, tooth-colored fillings are now preferred over old-fashioned “ugly” metal fillings.

If a cavity goes untreated, a small cavity can continue to decay, causing potential for the decay to reach your nerve or the tooth pulp. This means that Dr. Bowen would likely need to perform a root canal that involves removing the damaged portion of the tooth and nerve, then sealing the roots. If the decay becomes extensive, a crown may be needed to repair the tooth’s function. Dr. Bowen uses the most modern technology to produce same-day dental crowns in his San Antonio dental office.

Sometimes, through no fault of their own, patients have not learned the correct way to brush and floss their teeth or have missed their yearly dental cleanings and exams. Don’t feel bad. Dr. Bowen and his professional staff are happy to help you get back on track with a San Antonio visit. Call Dr. Gregory R. Bowen’s office today 210-824-1482 to schedule your preventive dental care consultation visit.