Laser Gum Treatments

The gold standard in treating periodontal gum disease.

LANAP Non-Surgical Gum Disease Treatment

San Antonio Solution to Periodontal Gum Disease in San Antonio, Texas

Finally, an answer to one of dentistry’s most troubling problems – the treatment of Periodontal Disease. lanap treatment

  • No cutting of your gums
  • No sewing or stitches
  • Less risk of infection

“I am so excited to offer this FDA certified technology to my patients who have struggled over the years to keep this insidious disease in check, and to everyone who is looking for a less invasive and more effective gum treatment.”

The LANAP procedure is the gold standard in treating periodontal gum disease. By using a laser instead of traditional cutting of the gums, treatment is faster, more effective and far less painful for our San Antonio patients who suffer with gum disease.

Because the gums are not cut or sewn as during traditional gum surgery, reinfection doesn’t occur.  Best of all, there aren’t weeks of pain while the mouth heals.  In fact most patients say pain is minimal, if any at all.

Why haven’t I heard of laser gum treatment?

lanap laser gum treatmentThe LANAP procedure involves intensive training where the dentist is trained to use the state-of-the-art laser equipment. It also involves substantial financial investment in this costly laser technology. Not all dentists are prepared, or even want to make these investments.

Dr. Gregory R. Bowen was one of the first dentists in San Antonio to commit to the training and certification in the LANAP procedure. Even now, there are still only five dentists in all of San Antonio who have received this certification.

Unfortunately, many other San Antonio dentists still use the old-school methods of cutting and sewing the gums in an attempt to stay a step ahead of a disease which was extremely difficult to treat effectively before the advent of the LANAP procedure. Which procedure would you prefer?

What is the LANAP procedure?

In the 1990’s, two general dentists in California were interested in the application of lasers to dentistry.  They discovered that a certain laser wavelength, 1064nm to be exact, had very beneficial effects on infected gum tissue.  The light was absorbed by harmful bacteria and diseased gum lining but not absorbed by healthy tissue.   This became known as the LANAP procedure.

Why is it so important to treat gum disease?

Left untreated, gum disease can cause major health problems. Periodontal gum disease has been tied to:

  • heart disease
  • stroke
  • diabetes
  • oral cancer
  • respiratory disease
  • pregnancy complications

There’s little doubt that once infection has settled into the gums, bacteria has the opportunity to enter your bloodstream and cause problems throughout your body. Call San Antonio dentist Dr. Greg Bowen today for a thorough assessment and recommendations.