Digital X-Rays

No solutions, fixers, cleansers, or x-ray mounts.

Digital Radiography Revolutionizes San Antonio Dentistry

Cost-effective, Fast, Precise Dental x-rays by Dr. Gregory Bowen

Dr. Gregory R. Bowen has been using the Schick digital radiography system since 2002. He recently upgraded this system to the Kodak digital radiography Suite of Software which provides even higher resolution and thus greater diagnostic ability.

Digital-X-raysDigital X-Rays Now Available in Dr. Bowen’s San Antonio Office

Instead of tiny 2×1 inch films, now your teeth and jawbones can instantly be seen on a computer screen. The images can be electronically manipulated in any number of ways so that it is easier to diagnose and treat your dental issues.

By using digital x-rays in each of his exam rooms, Dr. Gregory R. Bowen is better able to explain any issues with you. He can also better explain his recommended treatments.

The images can be stored, backed up and linked to each patient’s individual record. The images can be e-mailed to another dentist, or to your insurance company should they request records to determine necessity of a recommended treatment. By having digital x-rays, we see quicker pre-approvals.